Aerobic threshold estimation based on HRV

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    I am analyzing my runs with runalyze. A while ago they introduced a new feature which estimates AeT based on HRV:

    Aerobic threshold estimation based on HRV

    I’ve been experimenting a bit with this and found that the results are typically within 5bpm of the AeT that I identified with a Drift Test. Obviously not all type of runs are suited for that feature but in general results look very reasonable.

    I was wondering if other people out there have any experience with this feature. If it would give reliable results it would be a nice way to track AeT without having to do a dedicated drift test.

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    Dada on #57772


    The values are quite good when I do VO2MAX intervals. Never did any ramp test though and that feature is only “valid” when doing a 5min ramp/step test.

    Also, when you use an ANT+ chest strap then you have too many artifacts which doesn’t make it reliable.

    – use a Bluetooth chest strap
    – do a ramp test

    Then the results should be even better.


    Dada on #60032


    There is a new app on Android called FatMaxxer which provides you with real time rolling Alpha1 values during training. I ordered a Polar H10 and will try this. The only problem I see is that the 0.75 = AeT are just tested for running and cycling so far.

    I’ll keep you posted on this.


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