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Aerobic Threshold (AeT) question

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    Hey everyone,

    My training background is 10 years of bodybuilding/powerlifter type strength training, and 5 years of Brazilian Jiujitsu, which is similar to wrestling in terms of energy output.

    I’m extremely new to endurance training (did a 5k fun-run 10 years ago and that was it) and am using this time during COVID-19 to explore and learn about new areas of training and improve my aerobic base.

    I figured out my Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) was 166 using the DIY 30min protocol, but I’m having trouble figuring out my Aerobic Threshold (AeT) and could use some guidance.

    So far, I’ve used the MAF forumula of 180-33 (my age) to come up with 147, and I subtracted 5 from that to be conservative in my starting point, bringing it to 142.

    I plugged these numbers into the calculator on this site and (of course, haha) I have an ADS of 14%.

    From what I’ve read on these forums, using MAF or any generic formula to calculate my AeT isn’t that great, and when I tested it using the nose breathing method, I was able to maintain between 153 & 155 BPM while nose-breathing (which I’ve also read is common for those with ADS).

    I’d like to use a treadmill test to determine my heart rate drift, but I won’t have access to one of those for awhile now with gyms being closed, and I saw somewhere that Scott Semple doesn’t have much faith in drift tests that aren’t done on a treadmill

    TL;DR: What’s the best way to determine my Aerobic Threshold without use of a treadmill?

    Thanks so much!

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    Dada on #40194

    Other solution would be to do the test on a track or maybe a landing strip. In my country, all sport facilities are closed though so the first idea won’t work for me.

    What I would do in general: work with MAF until you have access to a treadmill.


    roglaw on #40195

    Perfect – thank you!

    Anonymous on #40347

    Yes, I agree. Just use whatever you have access to until you have access to something better.

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