Aerobic Capacity while doing my goals?

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    My questions is along the lines of the weekend warrior dilemma you discussed in your article “Weekened Weekend Warrior”.

    I have been doing targeted AC training on the treadmill and small hills around town since late April. I want to start reacquainting myself with my local peaks and lakes. These are not grand mountaineering adventures but more long trail hikes with some off trail at times.

    – 9-17# pack with HR monitor and do my best to stay under Aet (135) for the whole trip (Polar Watch with HR alarm).
    – IE: This last hike (Monday) I spent 7 hours in Z1, about 1 hour in Z2, and alittle in Z3 ( due to unplanned patches of snow and post holing). I really slow the whole way but my legs were sore for 1-2 days because of the distance and there was 3500 ft of gain over 12 miles one way. This pretty much meets my weekly volume goal.

    With the information I’ve provided my basic question is am I putting money in the bank (capacity) or taking it out (utilization) when I do this? I know I’m training leg ME but as long as I’m going slow is it OK?

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    Anonymous on #23805

    It sounds like “money in the bank” to me, especially if your goals are long duration events.

    The one thing that I would suggest is to spread the volume out during the week in order to get a more frequent aerobic stimulus and avoid the muscle soreness. Shorter sessions that you can do more frequently may have a better effect.

    jakedev on #23846

    Thanks for the feedback.

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