Adviice regarding recent lactate theshold test results

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    Cosmic Hillbilly

    Hi, I am 56 years old and recently completed a lactate threshold test and I need some advice.
    The test showed that my maximum heart rate was 182 bpm with an anaerobic threshold of 162 bpm (84% of VO2 max.). My RER of 0.85 occurs around a heart rate of 130 bpm. Based on these results, I really do not know if I have enough aerobic base to continue the 16-week Skimo Training Plan (I am in week 4) or if I should put my skimo training on hold and concentrate on developing the aerobic base for maybe two or three months (max. HR of 130).
    I guess my question is, is my lactate threshold test results good enough for the skimo training plan or do I need to build a better base before starting? I guess I should mention that the intent of the skimo training for me is to get in shape for AT and backcounty skiing for recreation. I have no intentions on racing.

    Thank you!

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    Good for you to get this lactate test. And also its a good observation on your part that your aerobic base is somewhat deficient right now. With a 30 beat spread you do have some basic work that to do that will pay big dividends over time. If you have the time to do more aerobic work then by all means do it now. It will pay off big time next winter which is still 5-6 months away. Extend the plan by repeating these early weeks of the plan while building volume. You can never have to much aerobic base.


    Cosmic Hillbilly on #5555

    Thank you Scott!
    I am so glad I did the lactate test. This way I know where I stand and what I need to work on. BTW, I had no idea how affordable that test was! I am so glad I do not have to rely on ventilation anymore to determine my aerobic threshold. It turns out that my perceived aerobic threshold was a lot higher than what it is actually is.

    Anyway, I look forward to my zone 1 workouts. I really appreciate your expertise and help!

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