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    I’m a 59 old mountain runner with a somewhat limited endurance background (cycled and road runner in my 30s, mountain runner for the past 4 years). Do you have any age specific advice?

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    Anonymous on #22594

    My recommendations are to read this and do your strength and extra mobility work.

    You need more time to recover from your runs not than 25 years ago. So, be proactive with recovery techniques, Especially rolling.

    Don’t stop! It gets harder and harder to get going again when you do.


    lmaggitti on #22600

    Thanks Scott! I really enjoyed your talk Wednesday in Boulder, and I’m learning a lot from your book! I’m lucky genetically in the strength department (though of course shouldn’t take that for granted) but definitely need to work on my recovery and mobility (especially).

    I just did my first 10,000 feet vertical “running” in one day yesterday (4 x Green Mountain in Boulder, some of the routes with extra vertical to get us to 10,000). Recovering well from it too (though of course you’re right about the extra recovery time).

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