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    First of all: Thank you for the fantastic and inspiring books and articles from Uphill Athlete!

    I am doing my first 50k in 1,5 years, and will be following the Big Vert plan in the 20 weeks leading up to the event. That leaves one year for fixing my quite severe ADS. The question is what to do with strength training in the year before the Big Vert plan. I have been doing two general/max strength workouts per week until now, and at this point I can easily pass the strength assessment tests in the Uphill Athlete-book. Should I:

    a) Continue with two general/max strength workouts per week
    b) Do 1 hill sprint session (even with ADS) and 1 max strength per week
    c) Do 1 max strength per week for maintenance

    … or something else?

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    Jane Mackay on #84341

    Hi MHT,

    Here are answers from coach Pedro Carvalho:
    a) In general preparation phase 3 workouts per week, in specific phase reduce to two times.
    b) Yes , general phase short time/distance to enhance speed skills , specific phase for muscular endurance , work on the anaerobic resistance
    In Specific phase , one max strength training.
    c) Yes , depending on the goal you are aiming for.

    I hope this helps.

    MHT on #84347

    Thank you very much!

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