Adding longer volume cardio to Wharton Climbing Program

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    Shakes The Clown

    I just purchased the Josh Wharton 8 week climbing training program. I am wondering if anyone has experience modifying or adding in one 2+ hour mtn cardio effort alongside the program. What day would best suit the cardio effort? Is this even realistic? I realize trying to balance the two has probably hampered my climbing progress / ability in the past.

    I want to focus on improving rock climbing through fall / early winter, but i dont want to get completely out of ski touring shape.

    Thanks for any recommendations.

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    Shakes The Clown on #56906

    To clarify, i was wanting to add in a 2+ mtn cardio effort once a week.

    David Thompson on #56926


    You will want to give priority to the climbing training program, so that will mean that your mtn cardio should probably stay in upper Z1 to low Z2 to avoid taxing of the nervous system and keeping it potent for climbing training efforts. If you are not familiar with zones there are many resources on the website to help you determine your zones. Hope this helps.

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