Achilles injury – What to replace running?

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    Hi, I’m working through the Big Mountain training plan and have been doing longer and longer runs. After a 2:40 run last week my achilles flared up, very painful the day afterwards and I’ve been limping. I’ve not run a step since to let things calm down.

    I have a road bike and in SoCal have lots of good riding available. I also have a Concept 2 rower and a pool locally available.

    What are thoughts on substituting cycling or rowing for Run workouts? Is there a formula? say 1 hour run = 1.5 hour bike Or can a solid 10k row replace an hour run?



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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #26621

    Yes and Yes for bike and the rower for optional work taking some load off the Achilles. I’d say you are 1.25-1.5 for the bike, 1-1 for the row or even less as its both upper and lower extremity and you will be less efficient at it. Get going on 3-5 sets of 30-45 sec. heel raise isometrics with both legs, progressing to single leg.

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