50K Training Plan: Vert vs Distance

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    Dear all,

    first of all, a big thank you for the valuable knowledge you publish! I have read Training for the Uphill Athlete and have purchased your 50K Training Plan.

    I am training for a 50K race with 1800m of elevation game and I was wondering how to include distance (provided in the plan) and vert.

    I read one of your replies to an earlier post that stated the following:

    “In the book on page 291 I lay out an idealized plan for a 100km race and the training distance is specified in that graphic. You can use the same percentages of the events total to versus the weekly distance to determine the weekly vertical gain and loss. See week one if 48% of the event’s distance (100km) Do the same with the vertical.”

    If I follow that principle I would increase the vert & distance by more than 10% total. Also, in the book it said that the start of the plan should be the vert of race and the final 2 weeks before the taper it should be about the race vert.

    I am sure I have missed something but I tried going through the book again and read the posts here and I couldnt find the answer.

    I would appreciate your help!

    Thanks and greetings from Germany,

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