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    Hello I just had an enquiry regarding the progression of the 30/30 interval training.
    In Training for the Uphill Athlete it outlines working up to 2 sets of 10 on 10 off separated by a 5 min break.
    But then Scott goes on to say they build an athlete up to 30mins continuous.
    Im just curious what the progression from 10mins to 30 looks like in regards to maintaining a break in-between and at what stage you would drop it out before finally reaching the 30min workout
    Any info would be amazing

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    Dada on #70697


    I would in general increase volume first, then intensity since ME will be probably the limiting factor here. So try to reach 30min with 2 sets and then transition to only one set. Your ME performance will be probably limiting you first.


    Dada on #70703

    More things:

    1) 30min 1 set corresponds to 2 sets of ~17 minutes. The rest between sets reduces your time at intensity.

    2) Think about doing 30/15s instead. The time at intensity is much higher. For the rest intervals go with AeT intensity.

    3) keep in mind that the shorter intervals have also a high share of an anaerobic alactacide training effect which is something you normally do not want as an endurance athlete; the longer intervals at around 3 minutes produce higher levels of lactate but are normally more specific for endurance athletes

    Happy training!

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