24-week Marathon warm up

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    Hello, I’m on the 24-week marathon training plan and would like to get advice on warmups. I have searched throughout the site and don’t see much about warming up for these daily runs, but maybe I’m missing it. Thanks!

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    Rachel on #49236

    I haven’t used the marathon plan. Does it mention a warmup at all? I’m using the Luke Nelson Intro to Ultra plan and it usually says to do a 15 minute warmup. I include it as part of the total time for the session. I would definitely warm up though, it brings your aerobic system “online.”

    Anonymous on #49358

    Warm-ups and cool-downs are super important. As @rachelp said, the former brings everything—especially the aerobic system, which is slower to respond—”online” while the latter can become a good aerobic capacity component if it’s extended. (Cool downs for general base sessions aren’t necessary IMO.)

    I don’t think they have to be too complicated. The goal is to get your body ready for the main session. At its most basic, 15-20m of a gradual increase in intensity is enough.

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