24 Week Expeditionary Mountaineering Training Plan

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    Niv Slama

    Hello coaches, I wanted to ask if the 2 consecutive 12 weeks mountaineering training group programs that we are doing(at least some of us), does it prepare you and equal in the sense of the end goal as your 24 Week Expeditionary Mountaineering Training Plan that is available to purchase on the website?

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    MarkPostle on #63630

    Niv, They are slightly different but in general, the 24-week plan is just slightly harder than the intermediate level of our training group but definitely easier (less training duration) than the advanced level of our 2 sessions of 12 week training group. The overall aim, concepts and preparedness are similar. The 24 plan is a bit simpler and the group has a little more complexity. Hope that helps answer the question.

    mattmay3s on #63633

    From a client’s perspective, I’ve done the 24 week plan twice before as preparation for Elbrus and Spantik and found it great. BUT it was much ‘easier’ (being a relative term) than the Advanced levels of this Training Group.

    Niv Slama on #63641

    Thanks a lot Mark and Matt.

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