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    I just finished the first week and have a few questions.

    1. Aerobic Threshold Run/hike – Aerobic Threshold pace at all times. This means that I should focus on maintaining my HT at the threshold (~155) during the entire workout?

    2. Run/hike on rolling terrain – Allow HR to reach the AeT level. What does it mean? My AeT is 155, so how high should I mainly keep my HR during this workout?

    Should I take part in some running competitions in October and November, before the skimo racing season? Will this bring any benefits? Or should I simply stick to the training plan?

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    Anonymous on #28520

    1 & 2) Think of AeT heart rates as an upper limit. Trying to train right at them will end up with a lot of time above. Target an average intensity of 5-10 bpm below.

    Racing: Does the plan have any intensity built into it? You could substitute the races for those intensity days.

    When it can fit within a training plan, I think it’s wise to race for “research purposes”. Racing is an art unto itself, and it’s a common mistake to avoid it while training. That might work if someone has raced a lot, but the more educational racing you get, the better. For these “educational” races, ignore your results and focus on what you can learn from the experience (pacing, pain tolerance, psychology, etc)

    Anonymous on #28521

    And, if you don’t mind me saying so, you might want to change your avatar photo… 🙂

    atamank on #28577

    From what you say these two workouts should be the same, but I suppose they are actually different.

    Workout no. 1 (duration 1:00), I thought it should be done at the threshold. So I tried to maintain my AeT (155), 51% of the workout time was spent under and 47% above the threshold but usually by only a few beats (1-3).

    Workout no. 2 (duration 1:30), I tried to keep my hr at about 135-140 during the entire workout, only sometimes allowed it to reach 155.

    Am I right or am I wrong?

    Anonymous on #28644

    Sorry, I’m not following. Right or wrong about what? Do you mean did you do the workout “correctly”?

    I would interpret the first workout as 1′ within 10 beats of AeT as I said earlier. The second, as you ran it.

    For raising your AeT, you need to “push” it up from below. You can’t “pull” it up from above.

    atamank on #29015

    Yes I was wondering if these were executed correctly because there is no detailed information in the workout description. Thank you for the information.

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