Through Trauma and Grief with Barry Blanchard


Caption: Bivouac-selfie of Marko Prezelj, Barry Blanchard and Steve House in 2002 at 23,000′ on an (unfinished) new route on Nuptse’s South Face.

“Sharing the valleys and the storms together is as important if not of greater importance then sharing the summits and sunrises”

– Barry Blanchard

In this episode, Steve House is joined by his longtime friend and climbing parter Barry Blanchard. As they exchange stories about coping with the aftermath of tragedies amongst the peaks they reflect on the ways specific events have shaped their experiences moving forward, and how they, and others they know, have worked through these events as individuals.

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Barry Blanchard and Steve House get even after retreating from the Emporer Face for the 2nd time, Mt. Robson. This was their second of close to 20 attempts the made over a 18-year period before they were each finally successful.


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