In this installment of the Uphill Athlete Podcast co-founder Steve House talks to Yoga Instructor Bree Dillon about their new joint venture: A recovery-focused yoga practice for athletes, available in Uphill Athlete training memberships.

The heart of the series is four classes that build into one another and allow you to progress on your own schedule. Level 1 starts at 30-minutes and Level 4 is 45 minutes in duration.

For athletes who need to work on a specific area, we built out four body-area-specific video-based yoga blocks: 

  • Neck and Shoulders in 19 minutes
  • Hipflexors and Hamstrings in 19 minutes
  • Back and Butt  in 16 minutes
  • Calves and Feet in 17 minutes

Bree worked hard on these classes and we’re confident they’ll be a great addition to every athletes routine.

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Uphill Athlete Yoga

Yoga for Recovery. Yoga for You. Now available in uphill athlete memberships levels 2 and 3.

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