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    Evening all,

    Just completed my first heart rate drift test. My average heart rate over the course of a little over an hour was 155bpm. My percentage ended up being .67%, so I was obviously under my threshold by a decent margin. There was no elevation gain on the trail and the gps appears to have been accurate. I was using a Polar H10 strap in conjunction with a Forerunner 245. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what my aerobic threshold would be or was I too far off to really make a guess.

    Worth noting, I chose my heart rate based on being able to breathe through my nose for an extended period of time as well as being able to speak a full sentence without breathing interrupting. Had I been at say 160bpm, I would not have been able to speak full sentences as easily. I guess as a newish runner I’m just struggling to figure out what a “comfortable” pace is. I do a lot of high altitude hiking in the summer, but this past month is when I have transitioned into running.

    Any insight is much appreciated and I can provide any other details or data I may have left out.

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    RDK on #58054

    Hi aquiring93,
    .67% seems very low to make a judgment on its own. As per the suggestion here, your best bet is probably to re-run the test at 160 bpm and check the Pa:Hr again. Assume you’re doing at least a 15 min warm up and then a one hour test.

    Shashi on #58070

    Can you share the training peaks link of your test?

    aquiring93 on #58072

    Here is the link to my test…I started my measurement at the 20 min mark and ended it at the 1:20 mark.


    Shashi on #58074

    Thanks for sharing the link. For the duration of the test your heart rate drift is around 1.54%. From one hour test starting at minute 25 (heart rate stable around 155), the drift is just above 3%. I think 155 would be a good AeT estimate.

    For your next test, let your heart rate get stable before you start the test and as RDK said, you can test at 160. I would recommend doing an Anaerobic Threshold test as well.

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