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    I’ve been working through the concepts and training from this website. 5 months ago started to train for R2R2R, Grand Canyon. Went with long time partner who did not train the UA way. He normally is waiting for me on trips. I’m 63 and have had major cancer 2x, he’s 55 and healthy. Result is relative to my own performance, this is not any kind of record or major accomplishment except for my own feeling of joy. It was awesome! We went from South to North and back to Cottonwood on Day 1. 30 miles and almost 6K vertical up. I had to continuously slow down and wait for my partner, a new feeling. We slept for a few hours and then back at it. When we got to the up for the South Rim return, I knew my partner was in trouble. Barely making 500 vertical feet in an hour. With 3K vertical left I knew he was done. I strapped his pack to mine, he was carrying about 20lbs and I had about 15 lbs. I did the remaining 3K vertical to the top in 90 min. You should have seen the strange looks I got passing people going uphill without packs and me with 2 strapped together. I loved it. Dropped the packs at the car and went back downhill with snacks and hot coffee. Managed to get my partner to the car. All good. I felt like I could have gone back down to the bottom and climbed again! Thanks so much UA. I know in the big scheme of things this is nothing, but after 5 months of daily sub AeT with a 20% Body Weight pack on and thousands of feet vertical my fitness has really changed. Now on to some big challenges. But first a soak in my spa. Thanks again!

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