In this video, alpinist and Uphill Athlete coach Steve House shares his packing methodology for a one-night overnight alpine climbing objective. Beginning with nutrition and hydration, he runs through energy food (waffles, gels, and chews); water and tips for keeping it from freezing; recovery snacks and drinks; and suggestions for dinner and breakfast. Gear-wise he covers his preferred stove; essentials like sun protection, headlamp, and navigation; and his reasoning behind opting for a down sleeping bag and his strategy for packing it. When it comes to clothing, he brings three to four pairs of gloves and mittens; a hardshell; a warm insulated parka; and an extra pair of socks stowed in his sleeping bag.

After reviewing the gear itself, he loads it into his pack—heaviest stuff on the bottom, and the items he needs during the climb placed near the top. He also touches on his sleeping pad and whether or not to bring a tarp.

When all is said and done, Steve has packed for his overnight climb: he has a loaded 30-liter Patagonia Ascentionist Pack—an item of gear he helped develop.

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