Q: Winter is around the corner, and the new training circle for the 2017 season will start soon. I would like to learn more about the (non boring) implementation of the treadmill during winter training for mountain ultra running, when trails are blocked by snow and ice.

A: There are a couple of ways to break up the boredom of treadmill running in the winter months. It sounds like you live in a place with snow. So, how about Langlauf skiing? This is a very good way to mix in good training in the winter. You will build good strength for running and can train more volume with skiing a couple of days a week. If that is not possible then you might try some of the mini spikes to put on your shoes so you do not slip and fall on the ice outdoors. The winter should be the time to just build basic aerobic volume so the more you train the better.

The amount of time you spend training for endurance sports is closely related to the results you will get. So, staying mentally fresh and motivated is important. If you dread your training you will find excuses not to do it. The best we can do is to suggest you find some supplemental training for some winter days to make this season easier for you.

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