Ice and Mixed Climbing: Beginner/Intermediate Strength

Build your ice and mixed climbing strength for epic mountain days.

Prepare for your best ice season.

This plan is ideal for beginner through advanced-intermediate climbers preparing for the winter climbing season. Climbers looking to start leading grade 4 and harder ice will realize a big boost in confidence that comes with increased ice-climbing-specific strength, especially in the forearms, shoulders, and calves.

This is a strength-focused eight-week program and assumes that the climber has some basic fitness, including the ability to hang from two ice tools for a minimum of 10 seconds and complete 0-3 unassisted pull-ups on ice tools. You will need a selection of gym equipment and a pair of ice tools. This program involves 2-3 gym-based strength workouts per week and assumes that you will climb at an indoor rock climbing facility or be climbing outdoors a minimum of once per week.

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Reach new heights and confidence in your climbing abilities.

Steve House climbing the left edge of Pick of the Vic in the Ouray Ice Park, Ouray, Colorado.

Built by Uphill athlete coaches with input from world-class climbers​

Rest when you are tired. If you miss one workout in a week, do not try to make it up, simply move on. If you miss more than two workouts in any one week then repeat that week. Do not combine this program with other strength training of any kind. This is meant to be a stand-alone strength program and adding other strength work, even lower body, may have a significant negative impact on your recovery and will therefore reduce the efficacy of this training.
Make sure you are healthy and ready to start a strength-intensive plan. Prepare your tools for tool hangs and make sure you have access to a climbing gym or outside area.

This plan is easily repeatable for future ice seasons. If your climbing has progressed significantly and this plan begins to feel too easy, consider our advanced ice and mixed climbing plan.

Image by Marko Prezelj

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