Z2 training – how much should I stress a few inadvertent spikes to z3?

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    I’m trying to use TFtUA principles to train for long mountainous MTB races. (I do more on point stuff in the winter). I’m racing a SS, but using a geared bike for most training rides to avoid mixing ME workouts with aerobic base workouts. My question is, on some 4-6 hour rides I stay in z1 and z2 the entire time, getting off and walking on short steep technical climbs where that wouldn’t be possible riding. Except that 3 or 4 times each ride my hr spikes a few bpm above AeT for 30 seconds or so when a feature catches me off guard, etc. How stressed should I be about this and how harmful are these few spikes to the overall point of the workout?

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    Short bursts like that are fine. Nothing to worry about.

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