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    Hi, I’m looking to get a steer on tweaking the Via Valais training programme to maximise my performance in the late summer for a newcomer to slowing down and dealing with ADS.

    A bit of backgriound: I’ve been reading on the site for a while and the forums and purchased the Via Valais training programme to give me some focus towards running this multi day route through the Alps in the late summer. Last year I did plenty big individual days trail running in the alps but very much as a weekend warrior rather than having any structure to any training and naturally lots of running at higher intensity.

    I’m really enjoying slowing down and fully convinced by the benefits of building the aerobic base over the long term. My question is, for someone with ADS (140 AeT rounded down, 177 AnT), with a long term goal of fixing this yet still wanting to enjoy the Via Valais as much as as possible in the nearer term this year, would I be better to skip the ME and hill sprints in the programme and replace with more Z2 running or would it still be beneficial to include some? From what I’ve read, avoiding ME seems to be the suggested course of action but would like to explore.

    I’ve got access to weights at home so can also sub in a more gym style strength based workout for example.

    Really appreciate any assistance,

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    Including hill sprints won’t exacerbate ADS, so continue with those as prescribed.

    ME is a different story, but you’ll need to include some. The main priorities when getting used to ultra goals is extending the duration of training sessions and increasing your leg strength for those sessions. In a way, it approaches the same thing (durability) from two different sides. Longer and longer sessions condition you for day-after-day runs at a normal level of impact and ME work supports that same thing using a “hypergravity” approach.

    In order to include some ME without sacrificing your ADS progress, scale back the volume. A good rule of thumb is ~5% of total weekly training volume. I like to use a 4-6 week average of weekly volume because one week of training doesn’t accomplish much for anybody. (And suddenly cramming volume in order to increase the volume of intensity is counter-productive.)

    So if you have a 6-week weekly average of five hours per week, then limit all intensity (including ME) to 15 minutes. That 15 minutes only includes the work periods, so get out your calculator to figure out how many reps and sets you need to stay below.

    The second factor is fatigue and muscle soreness. If the ME work makes you too tired or too sore to continue with your Z1/2 base building sessions, then back off even more. Swapping ME volume for base building is a recipe for disaster. Just ask the Crossfitters… 🙂

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