Switch Days One Time on 16 Wk. Beg/Int SkiMo Racing Plan?

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    I have a high school reunion this weekend. I’m at the end of Transition Week 3 and would prefer to do Sunday’s 2:00 hike on hilly terrain on Saturday and do Saturday’s 1:00 run at or below AeT on Sunday.

    Is that ok?

    My reasons are:
    1. I expect the festivities to run later and deeper on Saturday night.
    2. I will have much easier access to hills on Saturday morning.

    I have followed the first two and half weeks almost to the minute and am very happy with the results. (I have never been able to pace myself and nose breathing has–in very short time–changed that.)

    Not good enough reasons to switch? Thanks in advance.

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    Anonymous on #9669

    It’s okay to reschedule as required. Typically you want higher intensity before lower, but often life intervenes. It’s normal to have to rearrange your training schedule.

    (But if you tell your friends and family you can’t, that’ll make things easier too!)

    hafjell on #9707

    Thanks, Scott. Very helpful.

    I completed both days of training in reverse order. While I’m happy I fit them both in during a very busy weekend, I now see why the plan is laid out in its original order. My legs were wooden yesterday and am still feeling a bit stiff this morning. The knee held up fine, though, without any aching, so I’m pleased with that.

    I’ll do my best not to overthink the schedule.

    Steve House on #9714

    Yes there is some methodology to the order of the workouts, particularly the spacing between strength workouts and the harder aerobic workouts. But, life is life and as Scott said, it’s normal to have to rearrange workouts. Sometimes it is worth remembering the old adage: The best workout is the one that you do.

    hafjell on #9734

    Steve, thanks. Yes, the enemy of a great plan is a perfect plan.

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