Swim in “Intro to Ultras Training Plan”

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    I am interesting in purchasing the plan but I noticed there is quite a bit of swimming (40′ avg x week) in it.
    Is this mandatory or it can be changed? Also I don’t see any Strenght sessions which is quite a surprise, anyone can clarify?


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    Shashi on #53660

    Welcome to the UA forum.

    Where do you see the swimming volume? I am guessing it is just an option for a recovery workout.

    Also, the training plan does include Strength training. Have you checked the training plan page for an overview?

    Thomas Summer, MD on #53668

    The overview is indeed misleading. It looks like there is more swimming than running.

    Shashi on #53673

    Okay, I checked the training plan page again and realized that the screenshot from the Training Peaks overview and pie chart is misleading. I will send a note to Scott about it.

    FRANCESCOMAGGI84 – I would recommend reading through the training plan page and especially the Sample Workouts to get a better feel for the plan. Check this Training Peaks page as well to see Week 1 workouts. You will see “Aerobic Base Run” on most of the days.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Shashi on #53679

    Here is the feedback from Scott J –

    “It (Swim vs. Run time in charts) is the way TP divides up the training time that is messed up. The swimming is put in the plan as optional recovery sessions. They are not workouts per se.

    If you buy the plan and it does not meet your expectations we are happy to provide a refund. This is our second most popular running training plan and has excellent reviews.”

    Rachel on #53680

    The swimming in the plan is all for recovery purposes so you can definitely sub something else if you like. That said I was really amazed at how well swimming helps me recover (and I’m not a very good swimmer).

    There are some strength workouts in the plan as well. It also adds in a hill sprint progression. If you have other questions bout the plan let me know as I have purchased it.

    francescomaggi84 on #53681

    Thank you all, I will definitely buy the plan. I like swimming and I am keen to put some effort into improving but living in Covid-Germany is not that easy to find open pools or lakes that allow you to swim without a total freeze. Biking would be perfect as well.

    I was really searching for a plan with a strong focus on Z2 heart rate and strength after years of unfruitful training and a couple of terrible coaches. I know the start will be tough with my Z2 pace being probably around 7:30-8’/km but full trust in the process!

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