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    I noticed that the training plans are based around the Functional Runner, TftNA General Strength + Scott’s Killer Core exercises. How “Chamonix Mountain Fit” fits into the strength program? What are the differences between the three in terms of focus and when it’s good to use one or another?


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    Brian Passanti on #78826

    In watching both the Functional Runner workout and Cham Fit levels 0 and 1, I believe that there are a lot of similarities as well as very many differences.
    Cham fit, for me, is designed to be instrumental in the base building phase and can be used as a maintenance program during the build phase of your ultra season. I see it as being beneficial and very structured. It fits well with the volume and intensity of the base phase.
    The Functional Runner workout is designed as maintenance for your legs and hip girdle areas. I would incorporate this workout twice a week during high volume and some high intensity to assist some of those muscles neglected in just running programs. These single leg movements may show an imbalance that should be addressed.

    I would love to hear others take on this as well

    All the best,
    Coach Brian

    Peike89 on #78837

    So if I read you correctly you think the charmonix Training is good and well but not sufficient / “hard” enough for the plans? More sutable for base and maintaining periods?
    I like the killer workouts from tftna but I sometimes wish for more explanations and guidance like Neil’s doing in his videos.

    ?? Eike

    Alyssa Clark on #79092

    Hi Eike,
    They aren’t a substitute for max strength or muscular endurance as those are very specific in muscle recruitment and benefit for power to get up and down those hills!

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