Scheduling the Alpine Combine Test during training

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    Before I began the transition period, I have done the Alpine Combine Test in 2 separate days and a week later I started the 24 week mountaineering program.

    Now as I am approaching the base period, I would like to repeat the Alpine Combine Test again, yet it looks like I am having a dilemma in scheduling the test dates as I am thinking, I will be carrying the training load either before the test which could affect the test results, or after the test which will be affecting my training performance.

    So how does one schedule the alpine combine test during the base period ? Or am I overthinking the issue at hand.


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    Anonymous on #8095

    Since this test does require a high output you will want to be rested for it. I suggest doing it at the end of week 8 in the transition period. That is a recovery week so you should be pretty rest by the weekend. Replace whatever you were going to do Saturday and Sunday this test seems like a reasonable choice.


    anram_87 on #50159

    Hello Scott;

    I am going through the TFNA book and I have just arrived to the Alpine Combine, I would like to ask it the test should be carried all in one day or can be splitted into separate days?

    Thank you very much!

    LindsayTroy on #50192

    I’ve always done it all at once, 1000ft vert first and gym stuff second. I think the most important part is that you can compare between tests, so if you split it into 2 days the first time, you should always split it up and vice versa.

    Mac on #52845

    Hi Scott,

    Just a point of clarification, are you implying that the Alpine Combine Test is only done during the transition period and NOT at the end of the other training periods (ie base, specific, taper and peak)?



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