Run felt easy but Pa:HR high

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    My training hasn’t been as consistent as I’d like ever since I started working again. There have been several weeks were I only get 1 aerobic work out in b/c of many reasons and this past weekend I finally got to do a AeT test in months. During the entire test I never felt tired, strained, breathing hard or anywhere near like I pushing my self. After reviewing my results, taking out the 15min warm up my Pa:Hr was 7%. Is it because I’ve lost capacity but yet still feels easy or b/c of heat or….? I have been dealing with some knee/ankle/foot issues but during the run nothing was bothering me. Just curious what would possibly cause the higher Pa:Hr?

    The only thing I’ve noticed for awhile is I was getting faster right before I started work again, then all of sudden my speed just dropped…. and now I feel painfully slow like when I started but at a higher HR. Just frustrating.

    I’m going to slow down and train for a while at the lower HR and re-test when I can.

    Also curious, so I re-take the AnT as well? Can your AnT change as your training?

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    Anonymous on #56360

    Sadly, aerobic capacity drops off faster than about any other physical attribute when you lower or remove the training stimulus. There was a study done many years ago that showed that one week of bed rest resulted in a 50% drop in aerobic enzymes in the mitochondria. UGH!

    So, I think your assessment is probably spot on. You have probably lost some base fitness. The good news is that it can come back faster than it took to build it in the first place. Try to increase the volume of this light aerobic running you can get in each week. Even if that means 20-30 minutes snuck in here and there. See if you can get one long run in each week. Try doing some of your runs early in the day in a fasted state. Whatever you do, don’t give you due to frustration. Dropping the training load is only going to make this situation worse and more frustrating.

    Good Luck,

    juskojj on #56364

    I really appreciate the feedback! That’s great to hear it’ll come back faster. Every morning run is fastest state, I litterally wake up and 10-15min later I’m out the door, I go to the bathroom, get dressed and I’m out.

    I’ve got an exercise room at work that has a treadmill that I’ve been bad at hitting up during lunch because I’m always trying to get 45min or more in but I can easily squeeze in a 20-30min treadmill in and have time to shower and cool off before getting back to work.

    By light, I’m guessing zone 1 primarily or zone 2 if I want since I never got with in my 10%. Either way I think I’ll drop down to zone 1 even though it feels like a snail paces, which I’m ok with!

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