requesting help interpreting drift rate test

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    using modern treadmill at lifetime fitness. scosche 24 monitor. do not have fancy graph to post

    i am 55 so warmed up and started at 107 for my heartrate. the first 25 minutes, it ranged from 102 to 116. after hitting 116, it would go down within a few seconds and drop down into the 102-107 range. at about the 30 minute mark, it went up to 118, then would drift back down to 108-110 range. at about 40 minutes, it went up to 118, the highest it ever got,,,in the 5 minutes at one point it went all the way down to 92, (actually felt a bit lightheaded) then back up to the 110-112 range. at about the 45 minute mark, i went to put on the safety strap and accidently pulled it out and shut off the treadmill. so i only have about 45 m inutes to go on. the first 25 minutes i would say my average was 110, after 25 minute till it shut down, my average was 112-114. several times my HR would go up to 115-116 and then go back down into the low 100’s. it seemed to correlate with when i was starting at the tv’s and letting my mind drift, it would go down. when i stared at the dispaly, it tended to go up. any thoughts. i am guessing i will redo the test and try for around 103 ish and see what happens, as it seems that i exceeded the 5% increase. 180-55 is 125, i then subtracted 5 for being out of shape and then went with what i thought was a safe 107. seems like i might be more out of shape than i thought? thanks, really appreciate any experts or knowledgable folks who have gone thru this to leave some comments.

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    Anonymous on #37950

    It’s impossible to tell.

    scosche 24 monitor

    You’ll need to use a heart rate monitor with a chest strap. It’s pointless to do a drift test without one. Wrist monitors are too inaccurate and imprecise for proper endurance training.

    do not have fancy graph to post

    You can sign up for a free Training Peaks account. Once the test is uploaded to your account, make the workout public and post a link to it in this thread.

    180-55 is 125

    The MAF method is a different method. It has no direct connection to the drift test.

    Rachel on #37960

    The Scosche is worn on the upper forearm. I’ve worn it & my Polar H10 at the same time and got similar readings (I had two watches on to record).

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