“Preseason Ski Touring Training”

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    Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for the very helpful post about ski touring training! I just started transition this week Monday, so perfect timing.

    I have a question about the phases (Phase I: Foundation and Core, Phase II: Max Strength and Explosive Work, and so on…):

    Should we start all phases at the same time or one after the other? I think the later but not 100% sure.

    And if we are supposed to do the phases in sequential order, how long would the single phases be (one week, one month…)?

    Best regards

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    Anonymous on #45939

    Hey Dada,

    Glad the article was relevant for you!

    To your questions, the phases of strength should proceed one at a time, generally speaking. I’ll often prescribe strength in overlapping fashion, such that when an athlete advances to a new phase, we use elements of the previous phase as a second strength session of the week. For example, when someone proceeds from a Foundational workout to Max Strength, I’ll put the Max workout on a Tuesday and then on Thursday or Friday we’ll do a core workout and incorporate some elements of the foundational work, just to keep touch with it.

    I especially like this method when someone progresses to M.E. training or are in the competition period. In those cases I’ll still prescribe a max strength session in the week, largely to serve a recovery function, because the max format does not elicit extensive-type fatigue the way M.E. or higher-rep workouts.

    Re: how long each phase lasts, that’s really dependent on the athlete. Typically I’ll watch the progression and get feedback on how they’re feeling – if a Foundational workout continues to provide sufficient challenge, I won’t move them forward into max strength. With M.E., depending on the format you use, the gains will continue to build over many, many weeks (I’ll often keep folks on it for 12+ weeks) so you really have to monitor how the rest of the training is happening amidst it, how recovery is going, where you are in relation to key objectives, etc. Like so much of this stuff, the answer is “it depends”!


    Dada on #45966

    Hi Sam,

    thank you so much for your reply!

    To better understand your training plan I put it in a graph (attached). I also put some rough numbers re the duration on your plan to guesstimate the progression for me personally.

    So, best case would be start 21 weeks before the season starts, and the most time-constraint start would be 13 weeks for the full program.

    That helps a lot.

    Best regards

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    Dada on #46311

    Hi Sam,

    Another question came to my mind when I moved into the “Hill Power Circuit” sessions:

    You are saying that the circuit should be done on a small and steep hill.

    You prescribed the following:

    – 20 seconds running
    – 10 air squats
    – 15 seconds bounding
    – 15 In ’n’ Outs
    – 20 seconds running
    – 6 double-footed frog hops
    – 10 seconds bounding
    – 30-second tuck squat (hold)
    – 30 seconds running
    – Very easy jog down to bottom
    Recover 2 minutes before starting next circuit

    So my questions:

    1. How should I perform these workouts?

    Am I running up the hill, do then air squats still in the steep part? Or do I walk down? Same for In ‘n’ Outs, will perform these in the steep part, where I might have problems to stand bc it’s too steep?

    2.What do you mean by “tuck squats (hold)”

    Best regards

    Anonymous on #46327

    Hi Dada,

    Good work diving into this portion of the training!

    Essentially, you want enough of a hill that you can get the entire duration of your circuit done without having to go downhill. As such, you’ll be moving continuously upward, stopping at the appropriate intervals to do the calisthenic movements such as squat jumps, etc. For the in ‘n outs you can line up perpendicular to the slope so you’re a bit more on flat ground for the jumps. Once done with each portion you just continue upward, ever upward. Once you’ve completed one “circuit”, jog/walk easy back down to recover and, as applicable, start the next circuit.

    Tuck squat holds: basically go into a “tuck” as you would on skis: elbows in front of the knees, weight evenly on the feet (not heels), thighs about parallel to ground. Then hold…

    Dada on #46404

    Thanks, Sam!

    I was meant to do the circuit today (FRI) but I’m still so sore (especially glutes) from the Gym ME on TUE. This workout is killing me so bad every time. Legs are fine after two days, but glutes keep getting worse. I can keep up aerobic base building but no chance of adding intensity for the glutes. Z3 intervals would be doable though. Maybe I try this as long as I still get so sore.

    Will try to do the circuit beginning of next week, before the Gym ME.

    Thx again for your answer!


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