Planning uphill race – Which program suits better?

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    Hi there,
    a friend of mine whom Ive introduced to the Uphill Athlete principles plans to participate in a uphill race in August.
    The elevation gain is about 1800 meter / 6000 feet over a course of about 8 kilometer / 5 miles. Its basically one, continuous hill starting on single trail which transitions over to rocky, mountainous terrain.

    Which of the prescribed programs would you recommend for this athlete?
    The participant is very active and enjoys long, low-intensive runs but hasnt followed any structured training as far as I know of. I suspect ADS for sure.

    Much appreciated for any response.

    Best regards,

    For those interested, the race happens on the west coast of Norway and is called Skåla opp. Kilian participated here back in 2015.

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    Anonymous on #51534

    Hmm… This is s tough one because the race is so short. Most of our plans are for longer events. However, if the person is new to training, then I think Luke’s Intro to Ultra plan would be a good start.

    I’m curious: It looks like a great event, but why are people wearing packs? Is that a requirement?

    trygve.veslum on #51581

    thanks for the response.
    The reason for the backpack I think is to carry some dry clothing and waterproof jacket. Remember 1800 masl is considered as a proper mountain in Norway 😀 Can easliy get 0 deg celsius up there mid summer.


    ChristianB on #51601

    Its a requirement to have a backpack that weight 2,5kg when you crosses the finishline. What you put in your backpack is not to important. Its a really stupid rule that is far to common in norwegian uphill races.

    This race is very runnable. Easy singletrack, stairs and some boulderfields at the top. Winning time is around 1.10-1.15.

    Anonymous on #53342

    0C is a perfect race temp! (maybe even a bit warm) 🙂

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