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    Hello to all the UA community.

    I’ve been a reader of the website and forum for quite a while and I am very happy to finally take a step in and get more involved.

    As my first post and after reading everything about the subject I would appreciate your input on interpreting my lab test.

    Unfortunately when I took it, I wasn’t really sure what to ask and what to expect so now I am having some trouble making a use of the results.

    I understand that one of the most important figures that I have to determine is the AeT. As far as I understand this is determined by either where the point that lactate concentration is approx 2mmol/L or where the FatMax is.

    Problem is that according to my lab test, these 2 seem to be completely different figures and with a considerable difference. My FatMax seem to be at 156bpm (9,63km/h) but the 2mmol/L mark seem to be hit at 174bpm (11,6km/h).

    For the record, the max HR I hit during the test was 210bpm and the Lactate Threshold (4mmol/L) was marked at 191bpm (13.5km/h).

    The test took place in my home country so I translated a couple of graphs that I will attach here. I would appreciate any input on helping me determine my AeT so that I can determine my training zones.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    This is not uncommon. What it means is that your ability to utilize fat for fuel is relatively low compared to your aerobic capacity. Note that your Fatmax is .5gm/hr. We see well trained endurance athletes able to use over 1gm/hr. Your 2.0 mM/L AeT is quite high relative to max HR. I do not think you hit your AnT or maximum steady state pace. See how the Pace vs HR graph is completely linear? When you hit your maximum steady state it will become non liner so that each faster increment in pace will give a smaller and smaller change in HR. We do not see any nonlinearity. This could be because the stages were too short and you never reached your maximum steady state.

    To improve your ability to use fat you will need to train near the fatmax point. That will gradually approach that 2mMol point. To increase the aerobic capacity you will want to train at the 2mMol point. So, for a while these will be different types of training.


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