Impact of Training Plan Adaptations

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    Paula Kim

    Hi Coaches, I’m on the intermediate plan. This year I have mountaineering and adventure racing (includes Spartan type obstacle course work) goals, each which require growing the aerobic base and muscular endurance, but for the adventure racing I also need power and anerobic work. I’m curious, if I switched out the 2x/wk Cham Fit for something more like a HITT/CrossFit type workout, how would that impact the aerobic adaptation that the training plans focus on? That is, if I add Z3 work 2x/week, instead of keeping everything in Z1/Z2, how negatively will that impact the Z1/Z2 work to increase the aerobic base? I want to understand what impact such an approach would have on the intended training effect of the Plan. Thank you.

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    Chantelle Robitaille on #75214

    Hi Paula,

    Since this is a group program and not an individualized 1:1 coaching plan, it’s really up to you if you choose to adapt it or change it. It’s a bit tough to say how this would impact you since we aren’t reviewing your data to know where you are at now, what your past training looks like, etc.

    If you change up the intensity of a program that is a more focused on base aerobic fitness, it means you are taking away from that focus by adding in other workouts- this isn’t good or bad necessarily, just depends on what your goals are.

    Happy training!

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