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    Hi all! This seems like a bit of a long shot but any Austin, TX familiar runners who have a 30% hill they’d recommend to use for the hill sprints? I’ve been scouring the Strava heat map and other sources and haven’t found much above 16%.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Brett on #57195

    Beauford road is probably the steepest you’ll find in Austin. It’s only about .70 miles long, but is steep enough to require textured pavement to prevent vehicles from sliding. I doubt it gets as steep as 30%, though. I’d guess it gets to 20-25% at points, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve run it. It’s right off Jester, which another well known road hill in Austin.

    Brett on #57199

    I just mapped the road on an online tool and it shows one section of 20-30% and even one bit that’s up to 40%.

    BrittanyB on #57223

    Awesome, thanks! That was one of the hills I was looking at, I’ll check it out.

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