Good explanation of how to shift your whole plan a week

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    Here’s a good explanation/tip from the main forum about how to easily adjust your plan back a week (or however many) if you need to easily. Thought this might be useful to a few of you. This is a theoretical example of someone who want to repeat week 7 and shift everything accordingly

    Thanks to Carter Wehrer at Training Peaks here is a simple way to bump/shift a week or whatever timeframe you want. I wanted to repeat week 7 of the 24 week program and the instructions below worked perfectly, simply and quickly. I do have the premium account not the free TP account.

    From Carter at TP:
    To repeat Week 7, you will want to shift weeks 8-24. Please follow the below steps to make the necessary changes:
    • Click the date header for the first day, Monday, of week 8 (middle of the bar)
    • Hold ‘Shift’ on your keyboard
    • Select the date header of the final day of week 24 (middle of the bar)
    • Weeks 8-24 should now be highlighted and a selection window will popup
    • select Shift and enter new “starting” date for week 8
    • Once 8-24 are moved, you can then copy/paste week 7

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