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    Hey,I purchased the 12 weeks freeride tp and have a simple question: is there something speaking against doing full squats instead of half squats?

    I understand that half sqauts are more skiing specific but dont you have the same effects from a full squat just with more range of motion?



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    Anonymous on #15493

    Sport Specificity is the number one reason. Think of not just the range of motion but the speed of contractions when skiing. We want to train sport specific muscle recruitment patters. Slow, deep squats are great for…..wait for it….doing slow deep squats. This program is about training neuromuscular recruitment patterns as the FT fibers fatigue.

    Safety for the unskilled squatter is number two. 1 person in a hundred who squats can do a deep squat safely. We do not know who is going to but these programs.

    I hope this helps,

    martin on #15501

    thanks for the fast response!

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