Finger Pulley Injury During Transition

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    Hi there,

    I’m just about to move to week 7 of transiton but caught my middle finger in a single hold in the gym last Friday. Unfortunately it turned out to be a year on my a3 pulley (middle) so I’ll be out of action for a while – pretty bummed.

    Anyway, seeking advice on what to replace the 1 day of climbing with as I progress through the program. Any ideas?

    The tear isn’t too bad but I’ll probably be out of climbing for at least another 3 weeks.

    As far as exercise goes, I’m comfortable doing pull-ups and various other strength and core exercises, including using the reformer at Pilates.

    Thanks I’m advance,

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    Too bad about the pulley injury those can really linger so give it plenty of time. I’m not sure what plan you are using but obviously climbing is out or at least severely limited (maybe very easy with the finger taped out of the way?)

    Not sure what plan you are referring to. Is it a climbing, strength oriented plan or a mountaineering plan? What are your goals? If mountaineering then add in another run/hike aerobic day. You can’t ever have too much aerobic base. If you feel you need more strength then supplement the strength workouts you are already doing by adding in more core and complimentary strength exercises like more pushing stuff if you are doing a lot of pulling etc.

    Whatever you do, don’t do anything that will hurt that pulley. I had that injury for almost 2 years once.


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