Fasted workouts plus fat?

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    I notice that fasted workouts always say “black coffee” only. Is that only to keep the intestinal distress to a minimum or is there some other reason? I actually don’t have any issues training on say bulletproof coffee or even eggs (no carbs), but want to make sure that isn’t somehow hindering the fat adaptation process. Thanks.

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    Anonymous on #13926

    Being in a fasted state (zero calories) will help jumpstart the fat adaptation process. Doing this first thing in the AM will mean that you have not eaten for, maybe, 10-12 hour. This means that liver glycogen will be quite depleted. As muscle glycogen becomes deleted during the workout it will not be replenished from the liver so fat metabolism will be called upon to supply the needed ATP for the muscle work. Fasted means just that, fasted, no calories. Of course you do not have to adhere strictly to this method and if the workouts are long enough (varies depending on how fat adapted you are) you will still get some fat adaptation benefits. But fasted workouts will work best.

    There is a ton of free info on fat adaptation on this site. Take a look at these articles:

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    Steve House on #13993

    My theory on the bulletproof coffee and/or protein only breakfast before training is that it give an athlete some feeling of satiety, fullness, and not having that is hard. But remember, no matter what the macro-nutrient (fat, protein, or carbs) it’s all calories to the body. “Black Coffee” is really code for: your caffeine source without ANY calories. Hope that clarifies.

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