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    I’m really grateful for all the valuable knowledge I discovered in the book!

    I’m preparing a 80 Kilometers race and I am wondering how do we define the right weekly volume regarding the objective?
    I have the same question about the total weekly ascent.

    For now, I based my planning on the Single A priority 100K run but I’m not sure on the volume to target.

    Maybe, I am asking the wrong question, and the right volume is only depending on my past training experience and what I will be able to add in terms of volume..

    Thank you for your help!

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    Anonymous on #20675


    In the book on page 291 I lay out an idealized plan for a 100km race and the training distance is specified in that graphic. You can use the same percentages of the events total to versus the weekly distance to determine the weekly vertical gain and loss. See week one if 48% of the event’s distance (100km) Do the same with the vertical.

    Of course this plan is an EXAMPLE. Depending on your fitness you may need more or less training than those totals shown.


    kallikles2003 on #20874

    I am not the OP, but I came to the forums with exactly the same question, so just to confirm I got the answer right:

    1. Suppose I am using the 100K example plan at p. 291 for a 100K/6000ft race

    2. Week 1 of the plan has a distance volume of 48km, which is 48% of the target race distance

    3. Hence, week 1’s vertical gain target should be 48% of the race elevation gain of 6000ft = 2880 ft

    And an additional question: would the same algorithm be recommended for the 50K example plan on the same p. 291 (which is actually the example I am working from for my own training)?

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