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    I retested my AeT today after arround a half year of mainly Z1 and Z3-Z4 work.
    Old AeT was at 165. At todays Test I aimed for arround 170-173.
    At the End I got a Pa:Hr of -2% by a start of 173bpm.
    Tested with a Wahoo Hr Belt and a Garmin Fenix 6x.

    Should I aim even higher?

    Greetings and stay safe

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    Have you seen an improvement with your pace at AeT? Without knowing your background, 173 is a pretty high AeT value, and I would wonder if you were actually at AnT, which also won’t have much drift. What is your AnT value? Can you do 170-173 for long periods of time, or does it feel fatiguing by the end of the hour? If you can maintain that effort day after day, you could try it again a little higher, but looking at the pace, you could probably get a lot of benefit from building more economy at lower heart rates so you can have a broader range (assuming your max isn’t above 200, which would be quite high).

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