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    My primary goal is doing long 1 day hikes with moderate elevation gain. Talking about 40- 60 km (25- 37 mi) and 1000- 3000 m (3300- 10000 ft) of elevation gain. Doing these trips completely self supported. Carrying a backpack with about a 8- 12 kg (17- 26 lb).
    Started doing box- step ups with a relatively small height (20 cm- 8 in). Trying to increase the weight of my backpack.
    Especially stepping back down is easier than from a higher box.
    Should I stay with 20 cm- 8in or would it be better to increase height instead of the weight of the backpack.
    What are your experiences?

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    Anonymous on #43723

    If you are mainly on relatively gentle trails (15% is a steep trail) then 20-30cm box height is fine. We suggest a taller box for mountaineers because they will be going much steeper than on a trail.

    Once you feel that your strength is adequate I would recommend shifting to a muscular endurance based approach.


    christophmoertl on #43725

    Thank you for your answer. Was already going through the ME chapters in your book “Training for the Uphill Athlete” with interest.

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