Bounding vs Sprints

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    Matt Cooper

    Adding more ME sessions to my training and wondered if mixing bounding and sprints into the same session would be beneficial or just use one technique?

    30° Slope
    1 x 10 second sprint
    1 x 10 second bounding
    Repeat for total of 10 reps.

    My goal is to improve rate of climb for a FKT attempt (running) and improve my general strength for mountaineering.

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    Anonymous on #62418


    Good idea. I have done just this kind of thing for XC skiers (bounding) and runners (sprint run) and with David Goettler.

    Here is a video of David doing one of these on the ski jump in run in Chamonix.

    You could certainly mix in bounding and running in the same workout. With these workouts I like a long rest between the efforts. So 10-12 sec then easy walk back down the hill start with 3 min rest. Then progress to 2 min and 3 min and finally 30sec (you need a continuous hill for this short rest). This starts a power workout and ends as a power-endurance workout. Very effective for improving uphill running speed when combined with a high volume of aerobic uphill. Do this in the early weeks. When you get closer to the VK race drop these and include longer more aerobic intervals 1x/week and 1x/week hill sprint workout with long rests.

    I hope this helps.

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