Are my HR Zones messed up??

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    Hello All,
    I’m new here and new to training. I am easing into it but bike commuting most days on top of light workouts. I have a Suunto Ambit 3 and it seems that I’m in Z3 more than I’m not.

    I did a treadmill test and got the following Zones:

    65 – 121
    122 – 142
    143 – 162
    163 – 183
    184 – 204

    I’m just not paying attention or working too hard? Are my zones off?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Anonymous on #39469

    “Got the following zones” how? The watch spit them out? (Generic zones aren’t specific enough.)

    Are you using a chest strap with your heart rate monitor? (You need to.)

    esbonin on #39498

    Thanks Scott, I got the zones form doing the math and friend who is a trainer. Didn’t get them from the spit out of the watch, I adjusted them. And yes using a strap heart rate monitor.

    Anonymous on #39518

    Okay, great. Was the treadmill test what we recommend–a drift test?

    Once you do an aerobic threshold drift test, that sets the top of Zone 2. Then an anaerobic test will set the top of Zone 3. From those two benchmarks, you can go down and up respectively by 10% to find the neighbouring zones.

    More info:

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