AM fasting during recovery from minor operation?

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    Hey all. Looking for resources on the implications of intermittent fasting while recovering from a knee scope. A few notes:

    I am maintaining my diet that I use during regular training (GF/plant based, ~2600cal, 110-130g protein)

    If I am hungry I will cut AM fast short, but this is rare.

    I am not going to bed hungry, generally drinking a shake around 8pm.


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    Rebecca Dent on #43169

    Hi Graham,

    Im the uphill athlete dietitian. So I can give you a clear answer I just need to ask a couple of questions:

    1) What is your reason for intermittent fasting whilst recovering from a knee scope?
    2) How limited is your physical activity following the scope? are you off your feet or still able to train to some extent?
    3) What did they do for the knee scope? Did the surgeons just look around? Do a clean up of the injured area or something more invasive?
    4) When did you have the scope?


    Rebecca Uphill Athlete Dietitian

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