AeT and altitude

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    Is my AeT the same at higher elevation?

    Per the drift test my AeT is 145.

    I hiked my first 14er this past week. I kept my HR at 130 for the climb but it felt harder than 130.

    Because of how much harder 130 felt I wanted to know if AeT varies with elevation or metabolically is it the same despite how it feels?


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    Good question. Heart rates will vary with elevation.

    To what extent, it’s hard to say. For one-time events, it’s best to go by a similar RPE (perceived exertion) to your normal training environment. If you have multiple training venues at different elevations, then doing a threshold test at each is not a bad idea.

    For example, I have a client that lives at 8,000′. This week, he’s training at 5,000′. An easy run today was at his 8,000′ anaerobic threshold HR.

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