Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome

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    I’m a 62 year old triathlete (several half Ironman and two full Ironman finishes). My aerobic threshold, determined a few times using uphill athlete’s heart-rate drift test, is around 128 – which is average for my age. I do most of my run training at or below this level. I recently determined my lactate threshold is 153. I am well outside the 10% spread of AnT/LT recommended by Uphill Athlete – link below (153/128=1.16 or a 16% difference). Is my LT high for my age or should I add more LSD training to my routine?

    As an aside, I have switched to a more mountain-focused training plan to save my knees from losing any more cartilage and hope to Climb Mt Rainier in a couple of years. My current weekly training plan is roughly the following:

    2 x 1 hr runs at Z2 (hr < 128)
    1 x 2-3 hr roundtrip steep hike at Z1 (hr <= 118)
    1 x 1 hr mountain Bike (Hr varies, but exceeds LT on the hills)
    2 x Uphill Athlete Mountain Strength

    Any advice appreciated – thanks!

    When and How to Add High-Intensity Training: The 10 Percent Test

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