24 week plan tweaks for trail marathon

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    Starting 24 week flat marathon plan next week for trail marathon with 4k+ of vert. I am planning on essentially doing most of my weekend long runs on terrain similar to what the race will be. Should I be tweaking (increasing) training time considering my pace is much slower on hilly terrain? Or should the 24 week flat plan on hilly terrain get me where I need to go?

    I’m slow and haven’t run a marathon in 10 years so I would be happy finishing in under 5 hours.

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    Anonymous on #14507

    You can use time but in the end you need to be able to complete the race distance. This is always a conundrum when it comes to prepping for a very hilly race. 4000 feet of vert in 26 miles is a lot. You might want to consider using the Big Vet plan as it is designed for hilly races of all lengths. But if not then I’d make at least the one long run each week for distance and not time. Others can be for time.


    Ptaylor on #14528

    Thanks Scott.

    I suspected that might be the case and I am greatful to get your input as I am just getting going. I’m going to check out big vert plan now.

    In any event, I think this will be better tailored to my plan of simply using this for conditioninng for next summer. Followed with an 8 week plan leading into the summer.

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