12-Week Time Crunch Plan

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    Kyle Brundage

    Hi, I’ve purchased the 12-Week Mountaineering Time Crunch Plan + read TftNA and I have an easy question about the plan I could not Google or find here.

    For the Aerobic Pace Hikes on StairMill, 10% incline treadmill or hills, can these or are they meant to be weighted? I know the plan also includes Uphill Weighted ME’s. I have some cardio background already so I am wondering if I should just start with weight on the Aerobic Pace Hikes anyway. At the moment I am just using 80-90% of my AnT from the initial treadmill test, unweighted. The plan is for Rainier in mid Sept.

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    I recommend not doing these early week’s aerobic work with a weight pack. We usually reserve that weighted stuff, which has an ME training effect till the final weeks. In your case with limited time to train I would still do at least the first 4-5 weeks unweighted for these aerobic base workouts.


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