3 Day Stage Run Training Plan

This 16-week ultra running training plan is designed for individuals looking at completing a three-day running tour of the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier who have some running background and are capable of handling back to back weeks of 30 miles of easy aerobic running to start with and building to nearly 55 mile weeks that include one high intensity session.

The plan follows the proven model of three building weeks followed by a recovery week to allow your body to absorb the training that preceded it It takes you through an 8 week base period to solidify both general functional strength and the aerobic base you will need to support the hard work in the later weeks. It then moves into a 4-week running specific strength period to boost your running power and muscular endurance on uphills.

The meat of the program is a 6 week block of concentrated loading of the two principle components of any ultra distance trail run: Uphills and long distance building up to back to back to back longer runs.

The final 2 weeks are a taper and rest to prepare you for three days of trail running through varied, beautiful terrain, with roughly 30 miles per day.

Like any well crafted training program this one will only achieve the desired results if it is administered properly. This means following the intensity, volume and recovery recommendations. It also means listening to your body and resting when you need it. The stress of everyday life will impact your ability to handle the training load and must be factored in the evaluation of your readiness to train. We highly recommend that anyone serious enough about their training to use a plan like this, get tested in lab to establish their personal heart rate training zones.

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