Trail Running: Multi-Day Stage Run


Go further in the mountains with our multi-day trail running plan.


This 16-week ultra-running training plan is designed for individuals attempting a three-day stage race or multi-day adventure run like the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier. This plan assumes that you are capable of handling back-to-back weeks of 30 miles of easy aerobic running to start. The plan builds to 55 mile weeks that include one high-intensity session.

This plan begins with the proven model of three building weeks followed by a recovery week to allow your body to absorb the training that preceded it. The plan takes you through a four week build period and then an eight-week base period to solidify both general functional strength and the aerobic base you will need to support the hard work in the later weeks. Finally, a four-week running-specific strength period will boost your running power and muscular endurance on uphills. The two final weeks are a taper and rest to prepare you for three days of trail running through varied, beautiful terrain, with roughly 30 miles per day.

The central focuses of the program, uphills and long distance, are crucial to any multi-day ultra distance trail run.

This plan is based on your RPE, or “Rate of Perceived Exertion,” where workout intensities are guided by how hard you are working based on your perception of effort (how hard the workout feels to you) rather than by heart rate. This plan is an adapted option for those who want to learn to calibrate their true effort levels in their workouts.

Whether you use an RPE-based or heart rate-based training plan, we recommend that you use a chest-strap heart rate monitor and GPS watch to log all your training.

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*Apple Watch syncing is currently not supported for RPE plans.

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Build the strength and endurance you need to thrive in multi-day events or adventures in the mountains.

A male and female runner hug each other at the finish of a race in inclement weather.
Uphill Athlete Mark Turner and his wife at the finish line of the Brathay 10in10.

Built by Uphill athlete coaches with input from world-class runners​

This training plan will only achieve the desired results if it is administered properly. This means following the intensity, volume and recovery recommendations. It also means listening to your body and resting when you need it. The stress of everyday life will impact your ability to handle the training load and must be factored into the evaluation of your readiness to train.

Pay particular attention to the run sequence on the weekends to develop your multi-day strength. The three-day series of progressively longer runs will help you build durability and endurance. This will also help you develop proper fueling strategies and test your gear out for your event. Do not skimp on the hip mobility and strength as that work is the foundation for staying healthy and consistent.

This plan is not intended for beginner runners. Runners should be able to handle 25-30 mile weeks to start and have experience running back-to-back longer days. We recommend our Intro to Ultra Marathons plan as a launching point to the challenges of ultra running.

If you are looking to tackle a longer, single day push, we suggest the UTMB 100 mile plan or the CCC 100k plan. These plans are designed for big mountain ultra races. If you have a race that falls outside those distances, check out our Big Vert Plan which can be customized to your needs.


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