Steve took me from the lowest level of fitness ever and shaped me back into an athlete. A good coach gets you fit, a great coach isolates, optimizes, maximizes, and capitalizes on your unique physiological make up, catering your gifts and weaknesses to your goals vs putting you in a box of standard fitness. That said, I still have along way to go. But the ability to remold someone’s base in 3 months to the place we arrived at is something truly unique. For me, my ability to commit was cemented by the accountability that Steve expected of me… and his commitment to exploit that accountability to reach our goal. The difference is that Steve and Scott invest in their athletes. Training isn’t easy….but when you trust someone this much with your goals, it certainly makes the early mornings, sore muscles, long hours, and low days more bearable. All athletics are team sports…and I’m privileged and honored to have Steve and Scott on my team.