Join Uphill Athlete co-founder Scott Johnston in his conversation with elite ultra runner Luke Nelson as they discuss their history and Luke’s connection to outdoor sports and activities. In this episode Luke and Scott do a deep dive into UA’s Muscular Endurance progression. Luke has used it multiple times with great success for races and and FKTs. They discuss its role in providing increased fatigue resistance without super high mileage. They also touch on Luke’s balancing of career and family with his athletic ambitions; the appeal of fastest known times or FKTs; honoring the recovery process; how to encourage fatigue resistance, and how to program that into a training regime; the nuances of concentrated loading and shifting to tapering; the importance of the craft of daily practice as process-oriented goals; how to take the long-view and how to honor that process; how to construct the recovery process; “swimming like a cat” and using swimming as a recovery tool; and mastering efficiency on multiple types of terrain. There is much to be gleaned from this episode. Join in and give it a listen! 

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